"Things are only impossible until they're not." ~Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation


#75 Name that plushy


Okay, so last night’s sewing project was pretty pathetic lol. I wanted to make a dinosaur but didn’t want to go through the trouble of making a pattern or stenciling out anything onto fabric. So I cut out the pieces free-hand and sewed it together willy-nilly and stuffed him. I didn’t even bother to put on eyes :p Today he will get eyes and maybe spots. As for what kind of dinosaur he is, I’ll leave that up to you. He was technically supposed to be a Triceratops but….yeah.


#74 I have so many scraps

I have realized that I have a ton of scrap fabric. I put it to use once more making a sewing needle case. It went a lot smoother than last nights sewing attempt. I am not a fan of the colors I used but I don’t have many options right now =p
Instead of batting I used felt. I think it works just as well. Also, instead of ribbon I used a strip of matching fabric. Sometimes you have to improvise.
The instructions were found here.

#73 Broke my sewing machine’s needle!

I wanted to make a little bag to put my spools of thread and other random sewing needs in. So I found this easy tutorial to follow. Well, I THOUGHT it was going to be easy. It took me way longer than expected with all sorts of hang ups and frustrations. I must have repeated one of the steps 3-4 times. I also managed to break my sewing machine needle! Luckily I have spares. I almost gave up on this project but my stubborn side forced me to persevere.

#72 Buggy pincushion

Continuing down the crafty road, I searched the web for a long time trying to find my next project. Yet everything I came across either required more fabric than I had and other materials, or took too much time. Then I came across this cute little thing and knew this was it! Simple, quick and only required very little fabric. I used scraps that I had from making Christmas presents this past year. It didn’t come out at all symmetrical but that’s okay. I still think it’s cute, and useful 🙂

#71 Messy hands

Like I said last night, I wanted to change my creative pattern this week and do something outside of drawing. Tonight’s project is an apron. I have been meaning to make an apron for quite some time because I like to cook. With cooking I get messy, wet hands. I followed these instructions and turned an old pillow case into my handy-dandy apron. I didn’t have ribbon to make the tie so I cut up an old t-shirt and cut strips out and sewed them on. This is only temporary until I can get actual ribbon. Hurray for useful crafts! And recycling!


Today has to have been one of the crappiest days that I’ve had in a long time. I was however able to alter my bride’s maid dress today. I feel that is something creative that I accomplished. I just got home from being stranded with a broken down car so I think this is all I am going to give for today.

The reason I had to alter the dress was because my cat, Mort, had ripped the tulle. Thinking the tear was not fixable, I decided to remove the tulle from the dress all together. It didn’t look horrible without it but I wasn’t pleased with it. I then remembered that I had some clear thread. I tried out sewing up the tear and it didn’t look too bad. So I decided to try and reattach the tulle to the dress. This was a pain. My first attempt it came out lop sided. The second attempt was a success and you can barely tell where the rip is.

I should post a picture of the whole dress but I am too lazy to go take another picture of it, so here is a link to it on Amazon.





Tonight’s creation is a cellphone case. Since I got a new phone with a touch screen and cannot afford a case or screen protector yet, this is the next best thing. It’s nothing fancy but will do the trick in the mean time.