"Things are only impossible until they're not." ~Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Color Pencil

#101 Cactus Weather


It has been incredibly hot here on the East Coast. So hot that my Weather Bug app depicts a cactus image next to the temperature. Therefore I found it appropriate to draw said cactus.

Sorry for the late post. I did this last night and didn’t get a chance to upload it.


#100 fun with colors and textures


Wow, I have reached my 100th creation! I feel proud of myself. Even though I have had to make days up and what not I feel accomplished in this project. It has been quite the struggle lately due to external factors but onward and upward.

I did this doodle with color pencil. I wanted to play with textures and colors. I didn’t go too crazy but I enjoyed it. I love the way the pencils feel.

#98 Herman


This is Herman the zucchini. I decided to draw him since I  plucked him from the garden today. It makes me smile with how dopey it looks.
Also I tried something a little challenging. I drew it in one continuous line. Coloring was a different story.

#94 Tomato plants


So we have a few tomato plants in the garden and unfortunately they don’t look like this. I believe they have some sort of fungus. I wish they looked like this drawing but it’s not happening and it’s making me sad.

#65 A cat-dragon drag queen


Tonight I polled my Facebook account for drawing ideas. I received a few that were: cats, dragon, drag queen, triangles, and my favorite place. Although I couldn’t do all of them because I finished the drawing before I recieved them all, I decided to take the first three and mash them into one drawing. Behold the cat-dragon drag queen! A good use of social networking if you ask me.

#35 yay dinosaur!


I wanted an excuse to use the crayons I found. So, I created a dinosaur. While coloring him I remembered that I don’t really like crayons. They don’t do what I want. Oh well. I would like to create something with more depth tomorrow.

#30 rawr


So, I’ve made it a whole month into my challenge. I feel like I should have drawn something spectacular but I’m not having a spectacular day. Actually, the expression on this monster’s face sums up how I’ve been feeling. My boyfriend suggested that I draw a monster, so I did. Sometimes I guess artist’s emotions cannot be hidden.

This challenge is actually starting to feel like a challenge. Every day I feel less and less inspired. I’m hoping it is just a dry period and I will pick it up again. I think I need to make a separate post outlining my goals and future ideas so I can feel less overwhelmed. Hopefully that will come soon.