"Things are only impossible until they're not." ~Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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#112 jumping spider


I encountered one of these in our window today. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous because of its jumping abilities. It turned out okay though. I set it free.

P.S. This is an incredibly gross exaggeration of its size. It was really pretty tiny. Half the size of a dime. But as far as jumping spiders go, it was the biggest one of that species that I’ve seen.


#111 brain mush part 2


I have been so stressed and busy that I haven’t had anything left for creativity.

# 110 brain mush


I drew this with one continuous line.

#109 Whatever will be will be

I wanted to go back to something more comforting. Abstract drawing as I have stated before is that. I haven’t done any abstract in marker in a while so I wanted to go back to it. I didn’t have any sort of direction in mind, which is typical but this time I just let my hand flow where it was going to flow. I tried to keep my conscious mind and decisions out of it.

#107 & #108 Sad times

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a few days. I have been going through a rough emotional time. It was one year, on July 27th since I lost one of my best friends. I didn’t expect the anniversary to be so hard but it was. I have managed to keep up with my project, just hadn’t had the will to post what I’ve made. I am feeling up to it now.

My friend loved the number Pi so I made two projects with that theme. The first one (#107) is just a Pi made out of intertwined pipe cleaners and hot glue.

#108 is a little bit different. You might remember this box from a few posts ago. I had broken up some mirrors and hot glued them onto this box. Well, this is were I have decided to keep my friend along with a few of his things. I didn’t know what to do for the picture frame on the top and didn’t want to be cliche. Once again, since Pi was his favorite number, I decided to make a collage out of Pi in different fonts and sizes. I think it came out pretty well. Making it was very therapeutic for me.

#106 mobius


My attempt at a mobius strip without a reference.

#104 & #105 The tortoise and the loon



I went up to a friends this weekend where she has quite the reptile collection. I fell in love with the tortoises. If I had time and the means for one I would definitely get one.

They also live on a lake where we could hear the loons calling. When we got home back into the city I missed everything, especially the loons.