"Things are only impossible until they're not." ~Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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#80 sigh


That is all.


#79 Success

I wanted to give LEDs another shot today since I wasn’t satisfied with last nights project.

Meet my little spider friend 🙂

I ran out of blue LEDs and only had these soft purple ones but I like them!
Oh, and my friend needs a name. Any suggestions?

#78 Frustrations

I wanted to be completely different today and wire up some LEDs and put them in something. I was looking around for tutorials and some were cool but I didn’t have all of the materials/time/patience etc.

I saw this tutorial and liked the idea but instead of going along with it I went in my own direction.

This is a cat pendant. My idea was to hot glue it to a barrette of some kind but after I made it I realized that I didn’t have any spare barrette clips to put it on.
Also, after the fact, I realized that I had pretty much made this to be a temporary piece. The battery is hot glued inside of the cat’s head so there’s no way to change it out without tearing it apart. The plus side is it won’t die any time soon unless it is used constantly. The great thing about LEDs is they don’t use much. Trial and error I guess.

It has been a long Monday.

#77 Wait…Doctor…Who?

So, I have finally jumped on to the Doctor Who bandwagon. Years later. I am not obsessed..really.

P.S. I so desperately want a TARDIS. This is as close as I am going to get for now.

#76 another dinosaur

Pipe cleaners + fabric glue + glue on jewels = dinosaur.

found here.

#75 Name that plushy


Okay, so last night’s sewing project was pretty pathetic lol. I wanted to make a dinosaur but didn’t want to go through the trouble of making a pattern or stenciling out anything onto fabric. So I cut out the pieces free-hand and sewed it together willy-nilly and stuffed him. I didn’t even bother to put on eyes :p Today he will get eyes and maybe spots. As for what kind of dinosaur he is, I’ll leave that up to you. He was technically supposed to be a Triceratops but….yeah.

#74 I have so many scraps

I have realized that I have a ton of scrap fabric. I put it to use once more making a sewing needle case. It went a lot smoother than last nights sewing attempt. I am not a fan of the colors I used but I don’t have many options right now =p
Instead of batting I used felt. I think it works just as well. Also, instead of ribbon I used a strip of matching fabric. Sometimes you have to improvise.
The instructions were found here.