"Things are only impossible until they're not." ~Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Archive for May, 2011

#51 ISS


Since the International Space Station is finally complete, I wanted to celebrate by drawing it. And just like my attempt with the space shuttle Endeavour, this was very difficult. Since the photo I used did not display all of its detail well I could only be vague in some areas. But it’s not too bad and I spent a decent amount of time on it. A little over an hour.


#50 eye see you


I guess this drawing is a representation of the changes occurring and about to occur in my life. A new awakening, and opening of my eyes so to speak. Seeing more clearly.



Lilacs have to be one of my favorite flowers. In their color, fragrance, everything. They have a special spot in my heart.



I’m still practicing in this style and I’m pretty proud of this drawing. I actually want to work on this more another day.



Another random creation. Done at 4 on the morning. Yep.

#46 cello


If I could choose to play any instrument it would be the cello. I am so mesmerized by its low and sometimes ominous tones. Bach is one of my favorite composers and I have a collection of his cello suites.
One day I would really like to pursue this intrument. Even if I dont become excellent at it, just being able to play would make me happy.
Although, the drawing is not the best and I will be the first to admit it. I can go into a ton of excuses as to why but I won’t. It is what it is.



Sometimes I’ll randomly get flashes of patterns or images behind my eyelids. They don’t linger for long at all but last night I forced myself to try and remember this one. It was about an hour before I could actually draw it so some of it was lost. I’m going to try and capture these spurts more often and see what comes of it.