"Things are only impossible until they're not." ~Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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While I was waiting for friends to arrive for a night out on the town I decided to do my sketch. My car’s instrument panel.


Another blast from the past


I drew this back in April of 2010. It was the day before Good Friday and I was going through a rough time. I hadn’t drawn anything in a while then I randomly produced this. I’m proud of this one despite what wad going on at the time. It was a release I think.

#19 mmm brains..


Today I was listening to the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast and they discussed how freak accidents (getting hit by lightening) can alter someone’s personality due to disruptions in the brain. Since I’m fascinated with the brain I decided to make that tonight’s drawing.


This is a drawing I did in maybe 2005-2006 for my best friend Myron (he was my boyfriend at the time). He had an affinity for the number Pi. Sadly, he passed away in July 2010. I miss him so much and really wish I could tell him about my blog and about how creative I have been. He has inspired me in a lot of ways and will continue to do so. I think about him every day and hope that some where, some how he knows.



One of these days I will be able to create a really awesome design in Gimp on my own, but until I become more familiar with the tools, I’m sticking with tutorials. Like this one.




Have an Android. That is all.



Tonight’s creation is a cellphone case. Since I got a new phone with a touch screen and cannot afford a case or screen protector yet, this is the next best thing. It’s nothing fancy but will do the trick in the mean time.